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Eric Wade

Hi, Eric Wade here, Editor of Crypto Capital.

I’m writing to you with a rather time-sensitive opportunity.

You see, about 10 years ago, Bitcoin’s mysterious creator, Satoshi Nakamato published the following...

He was responding to a Bitcoin doubter in an online forum.

He said,

“If you don’t believe it or don’t get it, I don’t have the time to try to convince you, sorry.”

Since then, Bitcoin and the technology that fuels it, Blockchain, have changed the world.

Years from now we’ll deem Blockchain as one of the greatest inventions of modern times...  as well as one of the most profitable investments you could have ever made.

You see, despite being down 40% from its all-time highs in 2017, Bitcoin is STILL the most profitable investment of the past decade.

It’s also outperformed every other major asset class so far this year.

Take a look...

Not only that, but according to MarketWatch, an investment of just $100 in Bitcoin back in 2009 would’ve outperformed the hottest stocks of the past 30 years... including Amazon... Apple... Netflix... and Google. 

Even more impressive, you could’ve made more money on Bitcoin than if you had bought Coca-Cola back in 1919, before it turned every $100 into more than $1 million. 

Bitcoin and other Blockchain-powered investments have made millionaires overnight.

I’ve built my entire career around it.

Still, the mainstream media loves nothing more than the trash bitcoin and blockchain.

For example, just recently, CNBC called for a crypto “collapse”:

And just before that Barron’s wrote that JPMorgan killed the “Bitcoin dream”: 

...right before it more than tripled. 

Even the elites at Davos predicted it would fall to zero. 

Like Satoshi said, if you don’t get it, I don’t want to convince you.

But if you’re reading this... then I know you’re likely a believer like me.

And I’m writing to you today about an upcoming event you absolutely must be made aware of.

A few weeks from now, I'll be joining thousands of digital-currency and blockchain technology professionals in Las Vegas for a massive week-long experience.

And I want you to come with me.

I’ve secured 60 UltraVIP tickets for Stansberry Research readers.

And this is your official invitation to join me.

The purpose of attending the conference is simple:

If you want to become an expert in all things Bitcoin and blockchain... if you want to rub elbows with some of the biggest names in the industry... if you want to hear about and personally vet the best digital currency investments in the world ... and meet other like-minded individuals (including me!) then this is an event you must attend.

I’ll be taking the main stage on October 30th for my presentation, and you can join me and other speakers at several of the breakout networking sessions.

There is truly nothing else like this in the crypto universe.

This is hands-down the biggest event in the crypto and blockchain space.

And the experience I've arranged for you is totally “off-limits” to the average conference-goer.

It’s jam-packed with perks and benefits you won’t find anywhere else for any price.

Well over 5,000 people will flood into Vegas for this event in just a few weeks, but only 60 will see the conference like you could...

This is truly a limited invitation — something that’s never been offered anywhere else before for any price.

Here’s everything you need to know:

What: UltraVIP Access to Vegas Blockchain week and the Second annual World Crypto Conference (WCC).

Where: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, a luxury resort in the heart of Las Vegas.

When: October 25th — October 31st

*** I understand that this is rather short notice but I’m hoping you’ll join me, it’s entirely up to you how many days you stay... but the one thing you DON’T want to miss is the exclusive Stansberry party we’ve arranged on October 29th. This event alone is worth the entire price of your ticket. Keep reading to learn more... ***

Who: WCC will host multiple tracks on 4 stages with over 125 hand-picked speakers (detailed below), including a Main Conference, Multiple Blockchain Developer Conference, Mining Conference, Educational Workshops, Allocation Lounge, Networking Events and more...

Availability: We are only offering up to 60 tickets for this event so if you are interested, you must act quickly. Last year’s event sold out and when you read everything that comes with this UltraVIP offer, I think you’ll understand why we expect this to sell out just as quickly.

Why: At a conference like this you’ll learn all about the types of opportunities I’d never be able to cover in Crypto Capital. So if you are truly interested in profiting off the crypto and blockchain boom this conference is where you want to be.

Who you can expect to meet during the event

Attendance by Industry

attendee breakdown

Over 125+ Speakers Including...

Charlie ShremFounder

Jon "DR J" NajarianCo-founder

Michael TerpinFounder & CEO

Alex TapscottAuthor

Pei ChenDirector, Financial Services

Brendan EichCEO

Brian BehlendorfExecutive Director

Maxine RyanFounder & COO

Brock PierceCo-Founder

Katya FisherPartner

Alex MashinskyFounder

Michael MoroCEO

Adam HealyHead of Information Security

Jeff WeningerRepresentative

David SchwedFounding Director of Cybersecurity

Jagruti SolankiPartner

Bob WolpertCISO

Chris WardEVP

Ksenia SemenovaCBDO

Ran NeunerCo-founder & CEO

Torsten ZubeVP

Tron BlackPrincipal Software Developer

Jenna PilgrimDirector of Partnerships & Business Development

Jeremy GardnerCo-founder & Managing Partner

Sheila NixPresident

Jason AramburuVC Investor

William QuigleyCEO

Paul PueyCo-founder & CEO

Jordan FriedSVP, Global Business Development

Ivan BrightlyCISO

Lyn UlbrichtActivist

David MossFounder & CEO

Arie TrouwFounder / CEO / CTO

Rachel WolfsonColumnist

Markus LevinCo-Founder

John HargraveCEO

Sonja DavidovicEconomist and Digital Advisor

Leandro NunesVP

John QuinnFounder & CEO

Joel CommCo-host

Michael TaggartChief Evangelist

Kristy-Leigh MinehanCTO

Pablo Junco-BoquerCTO - Latin America

Murali VenkateshDirector of Emerging Technologies

Steve BeauregardCRO

Shane KehoeCo-founder

Masha (Maria) PrusakovaCo-founder & General Council

Thomas CoxChief Governance Officer

Michael ShaulovFounder & CEO

Anne Aloha WardCEO

Ryan SingerCo-founder

Ziga DrevFounder & Managing Director

Travis WalkerCo-founder

Nick SaponaroCIO

Jordan FrenchCo-founder & Executive Director

Nimit SaqhneyCEO

Dr. Daniel KimFounder & Principal

Robert "Crypto" BeadlesPresident

Stewart RogersAnalyst-at-large

David PakmanPartner

Here's just a few of the UltraVIP
perks you can expect...

Ultra VIP Gift Bag and Special Gift

Dedicated Ultra VIP Registration Line

Access to Litecoin Summit 

Access to Crypto IQ Trading Event

Access to EOS Alliance Summit 

Access to World Crypto Conference


Spectator Access to WCPT (World Crypto Poker Tournament) — October 29th

Access to Topgolf — Ultra VIP Networking Event — October 30th

Access to CryptOween — Bitcoin Birthday Party featuring musicial performances by Grammy-winning artist Cardi B and Marshmellow

Access to the exclusive Stansberry/Vegas Blockchain Week event on October 29th from 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Note: This perk is worth the entire price of your ticket. On the evening of October 29th, you’re invited to a private party in a 14,000 sq ft mansion formerly owend by Mike Tyson. You’ll join no more than 60 others who will have a private cocktail party with some of the biggest names in digital currency. This is the exact sort of event where you’ll hear the name of an investment opportunity that could skyrocket 50x — as cryptos are primed to do. You’ll also be able to shake hands and chat with me and some of the other giants of the crypto universe. Here are some of the guests that are already confirmed:

Early bitcoin investor and advocate, Charlie Shrem

CNBC contributor, investor and best-selling author Jon Najarian

CEO of Transform Group, CoinAgenda and more, Michael Terpin

TedX speaker and co-author of the critically acclaimed non-fiction best-seller, Blockchain Revolution, Alex Tapscott

A Top-5 name in the blockchain ecosystem... Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Morgan Creek Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano

And hopefully you!

So how much does it cost to attend?

The folks organizing this conference encouraged us to charge $10,000 for this UltraVIP experience.

But we don’t want to do anything like that...

That said, anyone who’s truly interested in the crypto space knows that the biggest gains usually come down to having the right information at the right time.

Huge life-changing gains can happen in the blink of an eye.

Just take a look at some of these cryptos — all of which could have turned $1,000 into more than $115,000 in just 5 days:

CageCoin — up 11,417%

Sprouts — up 15,595%

NewYorkCoin — up 17,547%

ParallelCoin — up 20,968%

Ernus — up 27,748%

Ethbits — up 28,861%

Xenixcoin — up 34,763%

And it’s at conferences like this one where you’ll learn the names of these types of companies.

I’d never be able to recommend investments like this in Crypto Capital — they’re just too small and volatile.

But it makes sense to have just a little bit of money in idea like this — how often do you ever see 1 stock go up 1,000% let alone 5 go up 10,000% or more.

And these are the types of opportunities you’ll learn about at the conference.

And due to the short notice and the fact that this is ONLY for Stansberry Research readers, I’d like to extend a 50% discount on the ticket.

That means you’ll pay $4,997 for you’re all-access luxury pass to join me in Las Vegas.

This is truly an event anyone who wants to take the crypto boom seriously should consider attending.

Like I said, I’ll be speaking on the mainstage of the event and will be attending the exclusive Stansberry party as well.

I hope you’ll take me up on this experience.  I look forward to shaking your hand in a few weeks in Las Vegas.


Eric Wade

Eric Wade
Editor, Crypto Capital